Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just In: The Godfather

I'm so super excited because one of my friends gave me his copy of The Godfather last night. I've been wanting to read this book ever since Raych reviewed it over at Books I Done Read. And, here, I have to admit that I've never actually seen The Godfather movies. Those, along with Shawshank Redemption, and Gone With the Wind, and Goonies, and just about every other classic film that everyone is supposed to have seen by age 28. Never seen them.

I never was very interested in The Godfather even, to be honest. But that was before I found out it was originally a BOOK! What?! Yeah, it was written by Mario Puzo (awesome name, yes?!). So anyway, I'm totally stoked. I've got to finish up Banned for Life first (which rocks, by the way - but watch out if you're the profanity police), but then I'm starting directly on The Godfather. I cannot wait!

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Lit and Life said...

You'll follow it with a movie marathon, right?!