Thursday, June 12, 2008

Personal Challenge for 2009

For awhile now I've had a goal of reading all of the Pulitzer Prize-winning books. I've already been able to cross about 10 of them off my list (some only because I read them in high school). But I haven't been really vigilant about this goal. It was something I started late last year and have held onto fleetingly as of late. But after I saw the Pulitzer Project, a blog with multiple contributors attempting to read all of the Pulitzer winners and review them, I decided this is something I really, really want to do.

However, I don't think I'll take part in the Pulitzer Project because 1) I'm a little late in the game and 2) I have so much other reading to do and, well, I'm already not doing too hot on my book challenges for this year.

So, what I've decided to do instead is to alter my personal challenge for next year. Instead of arbitrarily picking a number (52 books by the end of the year, or one book a week) I plan to work my way down the list of Pulitzer Prize winners by the end of 2009, starting from newest to oldest, if possible. I may get started this year though just to help me along the way, seeing as there are something like 91 Pulitzer Prize-winning books (in fiction) out there (and another one will be added next year!). Also, if I have read one of the books too long ago and can't remember the main gyst of the plot I'm going to make myself re-read it. I don't want to feel like I'm cheating. Let's say if it's been more than two years since I read the book I'll read it again.

OK then, just wanted to put that down somewhere so I won't forget when it gets to be New Year's Resolution time.

P.S. Here's the wiki link to the list of Pulitzer winners (for fiction).


cj said...

Actually, I believe the number is currently at 82 with this year's winner.

But I may be wrong!

I signed up for the Pulitzer Challenge awhile ago but plan on reading them when the mood strikes me. I've got a couple in my TBR stack at the moment and will get to them eventually. No pressure is the way I'm handling it.


Nymeth said...

I'm with CJ - I jointed the Project because there was no time limit, and I've been reading them slowly but surely, at my own rhythm. You could join and only start next year, or set whatever goals you feel comfortable with. No deadline means no pressure :)

Becca said...

CJ: You're probably right. I didn't feel like counting so I just did the math (2008 minus 1917). Heh. At least that's 9 more off my list already ;-)

Nymeth: Maybe I'll check it out again. I guess I'm a little intimidated by the strength of the other bloggers on there. I've seen their book reviews (including yours!) and they're way better than mine. But, hey, I guess the only way to improve is to keep on doing it, right?

Laura said...

What a great personal goal! Honestly, I had never looked at the list before, so I just used your link to see it! Of course, now I want to join another challenge, but I promised myself I can't join anymore until I finish a few!

Melissa D. said...

That's been a long-time goal of mine, too ... which I've been avoiding for two years now! But the book that won this year looks really interesting -- I think it's even supposed to be funny! Wha!? -- so I'm hoping that'll be a good point of entry, to help me get started. :)

Becca said...

M-Doll: I know you've been trying to read the Pulitzer Prize books! You're the one who made me want to start doing it silly. Remember when you were reading Kavalier and Clay? That was the first time I ever thought of doing something like that and I started ASAP.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Reading all of the Pulitzers is also a personal reading goal of mine. I don't have any desire to actually join the group because honestly it's just one more thing I don't want to add to my list. But I've given myself my entire lifetime for this goal so I'm not feeling the pressure! I'd love to get through them all.